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De Nederlandse Dutch design PoppenVilla by Liliane®. Bing Bang Pouf Canada: "Oh wow! No plastic, no pink, no shapeless design that takes kids for idiots… Just a simple and clean design, that helps kids to learn something we should all instil: less is more. Sharp details." De mobiele PoppenVilla is zowel voor jongens als meisjes geschikt, door de aanwezigheid van een auto-hellingbaan.


De originele, handgemaakte PoppenVilla by Liliane® uit 1997/1998 is onderdeel van de vaste museumcollectie van Museum Kinderwereld in Roden, nabij Groningen.


door Liliane Limpens  

The 'Hôtel particulier: a Parisian ambition' exhibition in the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine is showing an architechtural and historic architectural overview of Paris' famous mansions.


The museum is holding intensive children’s workshops with three complete DollsVilla's leading. Since 2011.


Cité de'l'Architecture et du Patrimoine | Palais de Chaillot

1 place du Trocadéro et du 11 novembre
75116 - PARIS


by Liliane Limpens November 19, 2019


Design for children




Villa's to Columbus, Indiana and Mission, Texas and Bakersfield, California. A fairytale Christmas Carol also for the children's favorite dolls and their cars!


Moon Picnic is successful in creating a consumer market for the Dutch design DollsVilla by Liliane® in the United States and the United Kingdom: "A very special dollshouse. This stunning large scale dolls villa is designed by Liliane, Holland and made to an impressively high standard in Germany. It’s the ultimate gift that will play an important role in anyone’s childhood." [...]


"As soon as you see this your heart will explode with a child's excitement, however old you are."


Moon Picnic's mission is to bring to families the best designs this wonderful planet has to offer, to help create an unforgettable, nurturing, beautiful and often magical childhood in these busy modern times. The collection grows slowly, conscientiously with a dedication to a truly inspired childhood. "It’s going to be a slow but wonderful journey finding the most wonderful treasures, often not ‘trending’ but instead timeless, one by one, discovering them."



door Liliane Limpens 30 oktober 2019


Roden - Provincie Drenthe




De originele, handgemaakte PoppenVilla by Liliane® uit 1997/1998, een ontwerp van Liliane Limpens, wordt onderdeel van de vaste museumcollectie van het feeërieke Museum Kinderwereld [1969] in Roden, nabij Groningen. Het museum heeft een imposante verzameling van oude poppen en beren. Kinderen kunnen in het museumcafé actief [samen] spelen met een tweede exemplaar, een nieuwe PoppenVilla uit de productieserie 2019.


Museum curator Mara Bosboom: "Zo kunnen de kinderen de ontwikkeling zien van een prototype naar haar uiteindelijke marktvorm."


In 1969 werd de Stichting Nederlands Museum Kinderwereld in Roden opgericht door de Vereniging voor Vreemdelingenverkeer en de Vereniging van Volksvermaken. Tegelijkertijd werd in dit jaar via het ANP een oproep gedaan aan de Nederlandse bevolking om eens op zolder te kijken naar speelgoed uit het verleden. Aan deze oproep werd massaal gehoor gegeven en het is de aanzet geweest van een unieke collectie. Momenteel beheren twee stichtingen het Kinderwereld Speelgoedmuseum: Stichting Nederlands Museum Kinderwereld en Stichting tot behoud Collectie Museum Kinderwereld.


Museum Kinderwereld biedt rondleidingen, een senioren arrangement, een arrangement voor kinderfeestjes en voor schoolreisjes. Binnenkort is er lesmateriaal beschikbaar, aan de hand waarvan basisscholen officiële leerdoelen kunnen bereiken.


Vanity Fair Junior Italy Settembre 5, 2019
Edizioni Condé Nast. Supplemento a Vanity Fair Italy N. 36



Vanity Fair Italia: “Ci vuole un fiore dal tavolo alla carta da parati, belle idee per una cameretta eco. Eco casa per le bambole, LILIANE."

"It takes a flower from the table to the wallpaper, nice ideas for an eco bedroom. Eco dollhouse, LILIANE."




Interview by Aleksandra Leszcyńska | July 29, 2019

Fathers Magazine, Italy Spring 2019
A creative collaborative blog and magazine for the modern dad



Paola Noé: “I think that Unduetrestella had the honour to present for the first time some design products that can be considered as “masterpieces” of contemporary design for kids. I’m totally fascinated by the three: Max in the BOX by Perlude and the furniture by EcoBirdy or the DollsVilla by Liliane®.”



Paola Noé has been an art critic, a curator and has worked in the editorial office of the prestigious “Flash Art” magazine. In 2008 she started to run Unduetrestella, a special contemporary art project for children. Today, the children’s universe is her hobbyhorse. She looks for the most interesting phenomena for kids – from art and design to vintage objects and even food and then exhibits them during the most important and unmissable international design sector event, a showcase for creativity, innovation and quality: Milano Design Week - by Aleksandra Leszcyńska.



by Liliane Limpens April 11, 2019


unduetreSTELLA art and design for kids




The DollsVilla by Liliane® light will make her introduction in Milan at the International Design Week 2019, the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Press release:

Like every unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK edition, Liliane Limpens, the designer of DollsVilla by Liliane (NL), who creates two innovative models of a dollshouse on wheels, made of sustainable materials, full of every comfort, even the car ramp, like real toy furniture full of accessories.




On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci the theme of 2019 will be Leonardo the designer, even for the little ones: no one before him had demonstrated an imagination so close to the mind of a true contemporary designer, and very similar to the creative desires of a child. To remember the childish components of his vision.

Exhibition Art & Design for Kids April 9 - 14, 2019

Fabbrica del Vapore, Via G.C. Procaccini 4. IT 20154 Milano


Art, design, creativity and beauty are the keywords for unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK’s format who, since 2009, has strived to create and show the most creative solutions to live and grow with kids, cooperating with brands, companies, designers, artists and creative people - Italian and International - involved in the children’s universe. 



Di Oriana Picceni 10 aprile 2019

Style Piccoli: Italian kids fashion and lifestyle magazine | Design
Al Via la design week: ecco tutte le mete perfette per la famiglia



Milano durante la Design Week diventa un vero e proprio concentrato di creatività e colore, un grande palcoscenico dove arte, design e performance si incontrano. Tutto questo da domani fino al 14 aprile, giorni in cui la città ospita il meglio del design internazionale con il Salone del Mobile e il Fuori Salone: un’occasione unica non solo per gli addetti ai lavori, ma anche per tutta la famiglia, grazie a un calendario fittissimo di mostre, installazioni, percorsi ed eventi capaci di accendere la curiosità e l’immaginazione in grandi e bambini.


Alla Fabbrica del Vapore Unduetrestella Design Week celebra Leonardo da Vinci

Diventata punto di riferimento per il design dedicato all’infanzia Paola Noé quest’anno ci stupisce con un progetto tutto legato al 500° anniversario di Leonardo da Vinci, un percorso che risponde perfettamente al claim Hallo Leo! Artista, pittore, matematico, scienziato, Leonardo è infatti considerato il più grande genio di tutti i tempi e a questa multiforme creatività unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK ha dedicato la sua bellissima esposizione, nel grande Spazio Messina 2 all’interno della Fabbrica del Vapore.


“Ma ci piace pensare a Leonardo come il primo designer della storia, capace di coniugare creatività e funzionalità, bellezza e risoluzione pratica dei problemi, desiderio di superare i limiti e capacità di rimanere con i piedi per terra. Anche dopo aver volato. Leonardo ha costruito anche macchine terribili di guerra, eppure i suoi modellini oggi assomigliano a giocattoli, i suoi studi sulle ali e sugli animali hanno la poesia di un’illustrazione per bambini“. E sulla scorta di questo pensiero, Paola Noé ha realizzato un percorso tra estetica e funzionalità, con più di 40 brand e pezzi di design provenienti da tutto il mondo.



by Susan Stevens March 27, 2019


Made With Respect - Auckland New Zealand




Another MWR Girlboss, Liliane Limpens © Designer of the DollsVilla by Liliane® shares her inspiration for taking her passion to protect the planet into her business.


"We must learn to be protectors of nature and appreciate everything that it provides us. It is important for young children to be around natural materials, to be able to touch, feel, smell and interact with their unblemished nature."


"I am passionate about introducing children to the wonders of wood through play as this interaction contributes to an awareness of sustainability at a young age. Children are capable of developing a real connection with the products of this earth and we need to encourage that as much as possible for our Planet to thrive."


The DollsVilla by Liliane is a sustainable dolls house, built at a child's height. Made of FSC birch plywood, beech and stainless steel. FSC standards have been developed to protect the forests' biodiversity and ecological processes.

Susan Stevens - founder Made With Respect
LinkedIn March 27, 2019

Made With Respect has been created with a purpose: All the brands fall within our 4 pillars and align with one or more of the following values. MWR is a positive movement, where buying conscious brands is the norm. For a sustainable future for our people on our planet.



Di  23 novembre 2018

Style Piccoli: Italian kids fashion and lifestyle magazine | Design





"[...] Mentre pensa in grande Liliane che propone una villa su ruote, perfetta per farci giocare bambole e bambolotti."

"[...] While thinking in large Liliane proposing a villa on wheels, perfect for dolls and dolls play."


Dollsvilla per bambole (e bambolotti) su ruole (da UnduetrestellaSTORE, prezzo su richiesta).


Vi siete mai chiesti perché la doll house piacciono tanto ai bambini (ma non solo)? La risposta sta nel loro potere immaginifico e nelle tante storie che tra quelle piccole pareti prendono vita, portandoci altrove per un po’, dentro mondi incantati, per vivere ogni giorno nuove avventure.

Have you ever wondered why children [and not only they] love the dollhouse? The answer lies in their imaginative power and in the many stories that come to life between those small walls, taking us elsewhere for a while, into enchanted worlds, to experience new adventures every day.


Avete presente, ad esempio, la bellissima Stettheimer Doll House dell’artista Carrie Stettheimer, che si trova presso il Museum of the City of New York? Realizzata tra il 1916 e il 1935, questa casa di bambole rappresenta da sola un vero scrigno di storie. E non solo perché si trova in un museo e ogni giorno è attraversata dallo sguardo e dalla memoria di migliaia di visitatori, ma anche perché nelle sue stanze si trovano opere d’arte in miniatura, create appositamente da alcuni famosi artisti del tempo amici di Carrie. Ad esempio Marcel Duchamp e Alexander Archipenko, tanto per citarne due. Se vi capita di visitare quel museo, fermatevi a guardarla bene, perché tra mobili e pareti c’è una bella parte della storia dell’artista. Carrie, infatti, era la sorella di Florine Stettheimer, pittrice eccentrica nella New York di inizio secolo, abituata ad ospitare in casa i personaggi più importanti della cultura del Novecento americano. Ed ecco la magia di questa doll house, che rappresenta un vero tesoro non solo per i bambini, ma anche per qualsiasi adulto che abbia, almeno una volta, sognato di vivere a New York, proprio nel momento in cui questa metropoli conquistava il titolo di capitale del secolo.

Have you seen, for example, the beautiful Stettheimer Doll House by artist Carrie Stettheimer, located at the Museum of the City of New York? Built between 1916 and 1935, this dollhouse is a true treasure trove of stories. And not only because it is located in a museum and every day is crossed by the look and memory of thousands of visitors, but also because in its rooms are miniature works of art, created specifically by some famous artists of the time friends of Carrie. For example, Marcel Duchamp and Alexander Archipenko, just to name two. If you happen to visit that museum, stop and look at it carefully, because there is a good part of the artist's history between furniture and walls. Carrie, in fact, was the sister of Florine Stettheimer, eccentric painter in New York at the beginning of the century, accustomed to hosting at home the most important figures of the twentieth century American culture. And here is the magic of this doll house, which is a real treasure not only for children, but also for any adult who has, at least once, dreamed of living in New York, just when this metropolis conquered the title of capital of the century.


Purtroppo con la Casa di bambole della Stettheimer non si può giocare, ma nessuna paura perché oggi il design si è sbizzarrito e ha dato vita a una nutrita serie di doll house davvero creative… con dettagli così minuziosi che viene subito voglia di aprire la porta ed entrarci. Sedersi a tavola e versarsi una tazza di tè. Come ad esempio la Mini Home o la Big Mini Home disegnata da Eero Aarnio per il brand finlandese Tactic: un set con mobilini e pezzi d’artista (lo riconoscete Puppy, sempre di Eero Aarnio?). Oppure le modernissime villas Miniko, delle vere e proprie case in miniatura, in materiali pregiati e rifinite a mano del marchio polacco Minjio (in Italia le trovate da UnduetrestellaSTORE). La maison francese Encore! punta su componibili da arredare come stanze molto romantiche, abitate da tanti coniglietti in stoffa, mentre pensa in grande Liliane che propone una villa su ruote, perfetta per farci giocare bambole e bambolotti. Se siete di quelli con la testa sempre tra le nuvole, la vostra casa perfetta è la cloud-house di Rock & Pebble, mentre gli amanti del classico stile Liberty potranno trovare ospitalità in una delle deliziose Sylvanian Family.

Unfortunately with the Stettheimer doll's house you can not play, but no fear because today the design has gone wild and gave birth to a large series of really creative doll houses ... with such meticulous details that you immediately want to open the door and go in there. Sit at the table and pour a cup of tea. Such as the Mini Home or the Big Mini Home designed by Eero Aarnio for the Finnish brand Tactic: a set with pieces of furniture and artist's pieces (do you recognize Puppy, also by Eero Aarnio?). Or the modern Miniko villas, real miniature houses, made of fine materials and hand finished by the Polish brand Minjio (in Italy you can find them from UnduetrestellaSTORE). The French fashion house Encore! tip on modular to be furnished as very romantic rooms, inhabited by many bunnies in fabric, while thinking in large Liliane that offers a villa on wheels, perfect for us to play dolls and dolls. If you are one of those with your head always in the clouds, your perfect home is the Rock & Pebble cloud-house, while lovers of the classic Art Nouveau style will find hospitality in one of the delightful Sylvanian Family.


E se volete leggervi anche un buon libro, lo trovate (ma dovete costruirvelo da soli) ne La mia piccola libreria (Rizzoli)… iperdibile! E voi, in quale storia vorreste entrare?

And if you want to read a good book, you can find it (but you have to build it yourself) in My little bookstore (Rizzoli) ... iperdibile! And you, in which story would you like to enter?

Una versione pi
ù piccola della Dollsvilla su ruote (da UnduetrestellaSTORE, prezzo su richiesta).
unduetrestlla |  Paola Noé Milan:

"Siamo felici di vedere ancora una volta le due varianti di dollvillas di DollsVilla by Liliane.
Ci conosciamo da tanti anni. Non ho mai visto una casa di bambole così "giocata" da bambine e bambini. In ogni nostra esposizione era il catalizzatore dei bambini.
Non è soltanto una casa delle bambole. È una risposta intelligente per essere bambini e giocare!
Grazie Style Piccoli, grazie Oriana Picceni, come sempre."

"We are happy to see once again the two dollvillas of DollsVilla by Liliane.
We've known each other for many years. I have never seen a doll house so "played" by little girls and children. In all our expositions it was the catalyst for children. It is not just a dollhouse. It's an intelligent answer to be children and ply!".



by Olive Bell | November 21, 2018


Moon Picnic Walnut USA & UK | Design shop for Kids


Christmas success for Moon Picnic with the sales of the DollsVilla by Liliane© in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. "It's the ultimate gift that will play an important role in anyone's childhood."


Moon Picnic is the first and currently the only US stockist of the DollsVilla by Liliane®: "As soon as you see this your heart will explode with a child's excitement, however old you are."


"Our mission is to bring to your family the best designs this wonderful planet has to offer, to help create an unforgettable, nurturing, beautiful and often magical childhood in these busy modern times."


"Browse the slideshow of impressive details and furniture and read more about the philosophy behind this in the words of the designer Liliane Limpens on our product page."



by Liliane Limpens October 8, 2018




A well-known Sex and the City-actress buys a Dutch design DollsVilla by Liliane® for her own palatial villa in New York.

Her shop DLK | Design Life Kids US:

"We have been obsessing over your beautiful DollsVilla by Liliane®, the design is just beautiful."



April,e 2018


Insieme: Il giornale della femiglia


'Dolls Villa', mobile su ruote realizzato in materiali sostenibili. Di Liliane (a Unduetrestella Design Week)



April, 2018


Petit & Small - blog about international kids design


Petit & Small blog: "At unduetrestella Design Week, you can also find amazing designer toys from Dollsvilla [et al]. These playthings bring together creativity, design and fun. Do not miss them out!"


"Some brands that caught our eye: DollsVilla by Liliane®".



by Milano Moms | April, 2018


Milano Moms: idee, stili e tendenze per le mammie a Milano




Article about the exhibition Now, Now, and Now! Unduetrestella design projects for children.


Also in 2018 the DollsVilla by Liliane® is present in Milano during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Exhibition Art & Design for Kids April 17-22, 2018

Fabbrica del Vapore, Via G.G. Procaccini 4. IT 20154 Milano



by Liliane Limpens April 16, 2018


Now, Now, and Now! Unduetrestella design projects for children



Also in 2018 the DollsVilla by Liliane® is present in Milano during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Thanks to the support of Municipality of Milano, Unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK is hosted in a very prestigious exhibition space: Fabbrica del Vapore, a large former industrial area close to the city centre. Fabbrica del Vapore is an important exhibition space hosting big and international shows dedicated to contemporary art and culture.


"DollsVilla Global (NL): conceived and produced by the designer Liliane Limpens creates two incredible and innovative models of dolls houses on wheels. The child heigh DollsVilla is a sustainable dollhouse on wheels for children’s most cherished 1:6 cars and dolls of 30 centimetres. With a cool design interior, stainless steel roofplates, a car ramp and three trays. www.dollsvilla.com".


Paola Noe of Unduetrestella: "It is our duty as adults, looking to the next generation, to emphasize the strength and power of childhood along with our responsibilities, adults teaching children to grow up and live in this contemporary world."

Exhibition Art & Design for Kids April 17-22, 2018

Fabbrica del Vapore, Via G.G. Procaccini 4. IT 20154 Milano



by Liliane Limpens April 9, 2018


High end shop for design and life products for children | USA




"We have been obsessing over your beautiful DollsVilla by Liliane®, the design is just beautiful. We would love to begin a new partnership with your DollsVilla Global BV in The Netherlands."

DLK | Design Life Kids: modern finds for the modern home. West Chester, Pennsylvania.


"This modern dutch design is made of high quality sustainable wood creating a unique and modern dollhouse on wheels. Designed for larger dolls such as Barbie, stuffed plush toys with a 30 centimeter - 1:6 scale. In hotel lobbies, nurseries and primary schools, the DollsVilla is used to stimulate group play between multiple children, encouraging group play! This villa includes a large house and furnishings. Due to the nature of natural wood, coloring and shades made vary. 120 x 60 x 128 cm 42" x 23" x 50" Birch plywood, solid beech wood, stainless steel. Includes 19 furniture items."


DLK is a carefully curated collection of fashion, accessories, toys and decor for the modern aesthetic loving family. With a focus on high quality, modern design, DLK features talented boutique designers and internationally adored brands.




by Liliane Limpens December 5, 2017


Italian publication - Christmas December 2017






The renowned Italian design-lifestyle magazine CASA facile published an editorial about the Dutch design DollsVilla by Liliane®.

The Doll’s House

Doll houses but also mini-kitchens are part of the so-called imitation play. They give children the opportunity to repeat gestures and situations that they have seen in the adult world. In this way they refine their movement skills and their perception of reality, the awareness and the expression of their own emotions. The play makes children aware of their own inner world and of the world around them.

Dollhouse of birch wood [Liliane, cm 120x62x130h € 1.988].
Pubblicazione italiana - Natale dicembre 2017



La rinomata rivista italiana di design-lifestyle CASA Facile ha pubblicato un editoriale sul design olandese DollsVilla by Liliane®.


La Casetta delle Bambole

Le casette ma anche le mini cucine fanno parte dei cosiddetti giochi di imitazione. Permettono ai bambini di ripetere gesti e situazioni osservati nella vita degli adulti; In questo modo si affinano la manualità e l ‘osservazione della realtà, La consapenolezza e l’espressione della proprie emozioni. Il gioco rende il bambino consapevole del proprio mondo interiore e di quello esteriore.

Casa delle bambole in betulla [Liliane, cm 120x62x130h € 1.988].


by La Cuky | Elisa Cucuzza 15.04.2017


Mamme Con Stile




"Questa settimana non ho avuto il tempo materiale di raccontarvi le meravigliose novità di design per bimbi che ho visto al #UNDUETRESTELLADESIGNWEEK @ MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano al #fuorisalone domenica scorsa."


"Mi impegno piano piano a mostrarvele, perché sono realtà artigianali meravigliose. Io mi sono innamorata di questa casa delle bambole fatta interamente in legno di DollsVilla by Liliane® Dopotutto...chi di noi non ha mai sognato una casa delle bambole? ❤". 


Mamme con stile | Milano 2017 MUBA Museum Design for Kids


The DollsVilla by Liliane®  is in April in Milano, as part of the exhibition Art and Design for Kids in MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano from April 4 to 9, 2017. During the Milan International Design Fair | Salone del Mobile | the unduetrestella Design Week.



by Paul & Paula 03.04.2017


Paul & Paula Kids, Design & Lifestyle




"DollsVila Global [Netherlands]. Dutch brand run by Liliane Limpens, designer of the DollsVilla by Liliane. The child heigh DollsVilla is a sustainable dollhouse on wheels for children's most cherished 1:6 cars and dolls of 30 centimetres."



"With a cool design interior, stainless steel roof plates, a car ramp and three trays. #DontStopHousing".


The DollsVilla by Liliane®  is in April in Milano, as part of the exhibition Art and Design for Kids in MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano from April 4 to 9, 2017. During the Milan International Design Fair | Salone del Mobile | the unduetrestella Design Week.



by Millano Moms  | n° 15 Aprile Maggio 2017


Exhibition Art and Design for Kids Italy in Milan




"The DollsVilla by Liliane® is the most loved piece at the exhibition. A lot of interest! also from journalists."

Paola Noe of unduetrestella, initiator Art and Design for Children in the Children's Museum MUBA Milan.


The DollsVilla by Liliane®  is in April in Milano, as part of the exhibition Art and Design for Kids in MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano from April 4 to 9, 2017. During the Milan International Design Fair | Salone del Mobile | the unduetrestella Design Week.




by Liliane Limpens April 11, 2017


Exhibition Art and Design for Kids Italy in Milan




"The DollsVilla by Liliane® is the most loved piece at the exhibition. A lot of interest! also from journalists."


Paola Noe of unduetrestella, initiator Art and Design for Children in the Children's Museum MUBA Milan.


The DollsVilla by Liliane®  is in April in Milano, as part of the exhibition Art and Design for Kids in MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano from April 4 to 9, 2017. During the Milan International Design Fair | Salone del Mobile | the unduetrestella Design Week.

Press day Tuesday, April 4 from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.  

The purpose of MUBA Milano is to create and promote cultural expressions aiming at encouraging stereotype-free creative thought in children and prepare them for a society which requires greater and greater creative attitudes. MUBA develops and spreads non formal education with a view to promoting an innovative culture focused on children direct experience.





by Liliane Limpens February 13, 2017


DollsVilla by Liliane® in C-More Concept Store Nijmegen




The new C-More Concept Store at the Honig Complex in Nijmegen proudly presents the dutch DollsVilla by Liliane® to her audience.


In the LOFT | ROOM of C-More, in the centre of the shop, existing and starting brands are mixed. The DollsVilla by Liliane® is part of the Children's Room, along with other high quality designer furniture.


C-More Concept Store | Honig Complex Nijmegen  
Waalbandijk 8 | 6541 AJ Nijmegen The Netherlands  


by Olive Bell | January 27, 2017


Moon Picnic Walnut USA | Design shop for creative kids


American consumers, especially working mommies, can now finally buy a DollsVilla by Liliane® at home.


The new USA and UK online-shop Moon Picnic - design shop for creative kids: "We'd be very happy to be a stockist in the US and promote it through our blogs and social media. We love the DollsVilla by Liliane®! I think many US customers feel a lot more comfortable with domestic shipping. We look forward to introducing your amazing dollhouse to our audience."


Moon Picnic: "If you're like us, as soon as you see this your heart will explode with a child's excitement, however old you are. Yes, we've finally found our favorite thing in the toy store (which of course happens to be the most expensive in there) and our parents won't get away easily this time as we hold on to the frame and won't let go!"


"You can easily imagine how thrilled we are and we can't wait to tell you all about it!"


"This DollsVilla by Liliane® was designed for large dolls and stuffed animals (children's children!) and 4-5 children can play together with enough room for everyone. In their own safe domain filled with all the features of modern living and stylish furniture just like their parents, they learn about pleasure, attachment and trust. This is a gift for the whole family and future generations too." 


"Browse the slideshow of impressive details and furniture and read more about the philisophy behind this in the words of the designer Liliane Limpens on our product page."





by Liliane Limpens September 17, 2016


The leading global fair for kid's first years



COLOGNE GERMANY September 15 -18, 2016  

The Dutch DollsVilla by Liliane® for the first time present at the prestigious global trade fair Kind + Jugend | Cologne September 15 - 18, 2016. The presentation took place at the new Design Parc.


Liliane: "Enjoyed the stylish and beautifully lit Design Parc with the DollsVilla by Liliane® in it's heart. So honored and happy by the many ‘Oh wauw!!’ reactions of the public."


The Design Parc is an atmospheric exhibition area inside the fair Kind + Jugend where exclusively children’s furniture, living accessories and games from different countries are displayed. Outstanding, ready for the market products that have already been produced can secure themselves support in the form of a tailor-made sales concept which considerably facilitates their market entry.

DollsVilla by Liliane® in the Design Parc | Hall 10.1 Booth A075  
Kind + Jugend September 15 - 18, 2016  
Koelnmesse GmbH | Messeplatz 1 | 50679 Cologne Germany  


by Koen Crommentuijn | May 25, 2016


A great Kids Club is not just a pretty space filled with products, it requires extra thought, care and specialist expertise to make it the truly special place that kids can appreciate and feel good in. It’s the job of the Kids Club Consultants of Stoerrr® to find you the toys and furniture that are truly unique and will make your guests have a memorable stay.


Kids Club Consultants http://www.stoerrr.nl/kids-club-consultants/



by Enrico Fragale Esposito | editor Kid's Wear Diary | Milano July 19, 2015


http://www.kidswear-magazine.com/diary/go-play-in-your-PoppenVilla by Liliane®


Kid's Wear Magazine Italy




Kid's Wear Magazine: "The Liliane DollsVilla is far more than a simple dollhouse; it has been designed by Dutch designer Liliane Limpens for dolls that are one foot tall, making this house unique in its genre. Liliane created this doll house because there wasn’t a sustainable home for the size of dolls children prefer to play with.


So this one-of-a-kind house on wheels, equipped with furnishings and a car ramp, made from sturdy materials, such as birch plywood, beach wood and stainless steel, come up at child-height.


“Playing with the Villa is playing with wood, I think it is important for children to play with naturals materials”.
The measure and endurance give the relationship between adult and child a kind of equivalence, considered relevant for kid’s growth.


The distinctive open design of the Villa encourages interaction and free play, that’s why Liliane thought that, apart from a family use, it could work into day care centers or primary schools.


It is a mission, she explained, to incite “female entrepreneurs to consider developing physical products, and not just think about providing a service.”


Putting down roots on ethical values this Villa will make children feeling real owners of their space."


Have a look at: www.liliane.eu


Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito


kid’s wear, established in 1995, is a magazine for children's fashion, lifestyle and culture which is unique anywhere in the world. Twice a year, for the beginning of each fashion season, the world's best photographers and many of today's eminent photographic artists interpret fashion and contemporary lifestyle over 250 pages. They rub noses with both established and new writers who write about childhood in today's world in articles, essays and short stories. By way of recognition for its ongoing work – in 2015, kid´s wear celebrates its 20th anniversary – the magazine regularly receives major awards. Recent awards include commendations from the Art Director´s Club New York and the Art Director´s Club Deutschland. kid’s wear has an international outlook and an international readership.The magazine is published by renowned photographer Achim Lippoth. “The most beautiful magazine in the world!” | Bruce Weber.



door Liliane Limpens 3 juli 2015


De Kleine Fabriek Amsterdam RAI 5 en 6 juli 2015






De Kleine Fabriek: "Na een presentatie van de PoppenVilla by Liliane® op het prestigieuze Kids Design at Superstudio Milaan, is de PoppenVilla by Liliane® nu vers terug in eigen land. De Kleine Fabriek Amsterdam toont de villa voor het eerst."


Liliane Limpens: "De PoppenVilla by Liliane® is een uitingsvorm van een eerbetoon aan kinderen. Als hùn kinderen – de poppen - in een veilig en sterk huis wonen, heeft dat haar weerslag op het welbevinden van de ouders. De villa is een domein waar uitsluitend de kinderen de waarden en normen, omgangsvormen, perspectieven en vrijheden bepalen en kunnen beïnvloeden. Volwassenen hebben er niets te zeggen."


Blogger Judith de Feijter | Savedwithstyle: "DollsVilla by Liliane®. Twee enorme PoppenVilla's kon je bewonderen in de stand van LILIANE. Ondanks dat ik nog niet te maken heb met poppenhuizen, spreken deze villa's mij enorm aan. De achterliggende gedachte van eigenaresse en ontwerpster Liliane Limpens is erg interessant en dan te bedenken dat zij zelf de poppenhuizen met veel liefde heeft gemaakt. Ik wil graag meer over dit mooie concept vertellen, dus binnenkort een uitgebreid artikel."


persbericht  >>>

RAI Amsterdam 5 - 6 juli 2015  
De Kleine Fabriek zomereditie  
Europaplein 22  
1078 GZ Amsterdam  




door Liliane Limpens 13 april 2015


Ki.D.S. Superstudio Group | Unduetrestella Italy






Tijdens de Internationale Milaan Design Meubelbeurs 2015 start de eerste editie van een nieuw design project voor kinderen: Ki.D.S | Kids Design at Superstudio. De Nederlandse PoppenVilla by Liliane® is geselecteerd om er acte de présence te geven.


"As for the selection of companies and brands participating to Ki.D.S. | Kids Design at Superstudio the Italian organizing company unduetrestella keeps up with its research and world-wide scouting, to highlight brands and companies dedicated and involved in creating and producing the best design for kids."


"The eminent spaces of Superstudio Più, headquarter of the new project SuperDesign Show during the Design Week 2015, opens the door to the world of children, hosting Ki.D.S. Kids Design at Superstudio, an ambitious exhibition project by the most interesting international furniture brands and companies for infants."

Milaan 14 - 19 april 2015  
Ki.D.S. SuperDesign Show | Fuorisalone 2015  
Superstudio Più  
Via Tortona 27 Milaan  


door Liliane Limpens 14 mei  
Onder de poppenhuizen ter wereld:  

Guido Tielman, de Nederlandse consul-generaal in het economisch expanderende Chongqing [31 miljoen inwoners], selecteert uit circa 200 Nederlandse internationale ondernemingen LILIANE BV met stip als een onderneming met een interessante afzetpotentie in China: "Ik ben zeer onder de indruk van de PoppenVillla." Tielman polst op het congres Wereldveroveraars op 13 mei 2014 de ambities om de PoppenVilla by Liliane® naar de kinderen in China te brengen.


Tielman: “De PoppenVilla by Liliane® kan voet aan de grond krijgen in China. Een anecdote. Ik woon in een hotel in Chongqing. Laatst passeerde ik een huwelijksreceptie in het hotel. Buiten zag ik tien Ferrari’s op de hotel-parking! Hiermee wil ik zeggen dat er nu in China veel mensen zijn met veel geld. Mijn Britse collega verkoopt Bentley’s en hij vertelde dat hij in vier jaar tachtig Bentley’s heeft verkocht.


“Dit is de Bentley! [wijzend naar de PoppenVilla by Liliane® op het scherm in de congreszaal] De Nederlandse PoppenVilla by Liliane® is de Bentley onder de poppenhuizen ter wereld. Chinezen zijn statusgevoelig. Als je als ouders in staat bent om een PoppenVilla by Liliane® te kopen, dan ben je goede ouders."


"De éénkind-politiek zorgt er bovendien voor dat ouders het beste willen voor hun kind. Het laatste [marketing] element is dat Chinezen hun kinderen goed willen opleiden en hen een goede opvoeding willen meegeven. Ouders voorzien dat de creativiteitsontwikkeling van hun kinderen erg belangrijk is. De PoppenVilla by Liliane® kan daaraan bijdragen.”



Wereldveroveraars is het netwerk van internationaal ondernemend Nederland, een initiatief van onder meer Het Financieele Dagblad en BNR Nieuwsradio.


door Liliane Limpens 11 mei  

De poppen van Poolse kinderen kunnen binnenkort wonen in de Nederlandse PoppenVilla by Liliane® | Willa dla Lalek. LILIANE BV is participant van de economische missie naar Warschau en Poznan in juni 2014.


Bedrijven en kennisinstellingen uit de sectoren energie, architectuur, water, transport en logistiek, agro en tuinbouw zijn missie-deelnemers, onder leiding van de minister voor Buitenlandse handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking. De economische missie loopt parallel aan het staatsbezoek van koning Willem-Alexander en koningin Máxima aan Warschau en Poznan, zij nemen deel aan enkele missie-onderdelen.


De Poolse architect Conchita Home: "De PoppenVilla by Liliane® is een verrukkelijk ontwerp!"


door Liliane Limpens  
Marianne Charbonneau | Bing Bang Pouf Canada:  

"Oh wow! Geen plastic, geen roze, geen vormeloos ontwerp dat kinderen neerzet als idioten... Gewoon een simpel en strak design, dat kinderen helpt om iets te leren wat wij ons allemaal bewust zouden moeten zijn: minder is meer. Scherpe details."


door Liliane Limpens  



Museo del Novecento - museum van de twintigste eeuw - presenteert tijdens de International Design Furniture Exhibition de PoppenVilla by Liliane® in hartje centrum van Milaan | vanaf 17 april 2012.

Museo del Novecento
Milan | Piazza Duomo 12

door Liliane Limpens  
KidsroomZOOM 2 | art and design for kids



Internationale ontwerpers presenteren in Milaan hedendaagse kunst en design meubels voor kinderen. Kidsroom - Zoom 2012 | 'We never give up!' toont de objecten op twee projectlocaties in het centrum van Milaan, waaronder de PoppenVilla by Liliane® leading en light.


Milan Fuori Salone Internazionale del Mobile 17 - 22 april 2012 | Kidsroom Zoom 2 Milan

Milan | via Mellerio 1 [MM2 San Ambrogio]
Milan | via GB Vico 1 [MM2 San Ambrogio]

door Liliane Limpens  

"LILIANE brengt het poppenhuis naar een volgend level, letterlijk. Deze juweel is ontworpen voor 30-cm poppen. Het is zo'n leuk idee, en ik ben vooral dol op alle open ruimten. Het is perfect om mee te spelen."


door Liliane Limpens  

Presentatie van de PoppenVilla by Liliane® in Oostenrijk, tijdens de Vienna Design Week.


Dolores Wally, architect en journalist, oprichter tijdschrift | blog Kleinformat: “Temidden van kunst-objecten en design meubels voor kinderen van meer dan 20 internationale ontwerpers was de mooie PoppenVilla by Liliane® voor mij een hoogtepunt."


kidsroomZOOM design and art for kids 1 - 9 oktober 2011

Wipplingerstraße 29
1010 WIEN

Herr und Frau Klein | kinderwarenhuis

Kirchergasse 7
1070 WIEN

door Liliane Limpens 19 april  

De PoppenVilla by Liliane® wordt getoond in Graz Oostenrijk, tijdens de designmaand van 7 - 21 mei 2011. Graz heeft de status 'Unesco City of Design'. Internationale ontwerpers tonen er hedendaags design voor kinderen.

Creative Industries Styria Graz Austria | Kidsroom Zoom!
Wiesler Depot Griesgrasse 7 1.Stock Graz

door Liliane Limpens 5 april  

Stella Mc Cartney Milaan presenteert de PoppenVilla by Liliane® tijdens de introduktie van een nieuwe kinderlijn.

14 april 2011 MILAN
Via Forcella 5 20144

door Liliane Limpens 5 april  



Internationale ontwerpers presenteren in Milaan hedendaagse design meubels voor kinderen. Kidsroom - Zoom! toont de objecten op een projectlocatie in het centrum van Milaan, zoals de PoppenVilla by Liliane®.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 12 - 19 april 2011
Kidsroom Zoom! Via Sando Sandri 2 Milan

door Liliane Limpens  

Hennie de Wit, produktgroep manager kinderwereld:

"De PoppenVilla by Liliane® past zeer goed in het nieuwe concept van de afdelingen kinderwereld van De Bijenkorf-filialen. Enerzijds als artikel voor de consument, anderzijds als gimmick op de afdelingen kindermode. Wij denken dat uw produkt een positieve bijdrage kan leveren aan de uitstraling van de afdelingen."


door Liliane Limpens  

De PoppenVilla by Liliane® was winnaar van de nationale onderscheiding voor innovatieve ontwerpen 2000.
Voor het eerst in de geschiedenis van het 30-jarige bestaan van de Trade Mart won een speelgoedprodukt deze prijs.


door Liliane Limpens  

Kidzlifestyle, hoofdredakteur Vervoorn: "Ik heb als moeder en als productscout menig mooi poppenhuis gezien. Maar toen ik de PoppenVilla by Liliane® onder ogen kreeg, viel ik echt even stil. Zo prachtig. Zo solide. Zo stylish. Zo wel doordacht. Niet voor niets is het dan ook de winnaar van de Nationale Onderscheiding Innovatieve Ontwerpen. Het formaat van de villa evenals de prachtig afgewerkte verschillende ruimtes van het huis stimuleren kidz -zowel jongens als meisjes - tussen de 3 en 10 jaar om heerlijk samen te spelen. Niets is immers zo inspirerend als het nabootsen van 'everyday life'."


door Liliane Limpens  

Contemporary finds modern tots



"Zo kan het een ieder van ons vergaan. Je bent op huizenjacht en hanteert een strikt maximum-budget voor de aankoopsom. Dit voornemen verdwijnt pròmpt als je plots voor je droomhuis staat.


Datzelfde fenomeen doet zich ook voor bij... poppenhuizen. Met een vast bedrag voor ogen wordt het zoekproces gestart. En dan kom je een topprodukt tegen dat in geen enkel opzicht  geëvenaard wordt.


Neem de PoppenVilla by Liliane®. De prijs is ongeveer tien keer zo hoog als wat ik verwacht te gaan betalen voor een poppenhuis. Maar kijk dan! Het is groots. Het materiaal is multiplex berken en het ontwerp is van de hand van een gerespecteerd designer. Een goede visie ligt eraan ten grondslag: geschikt voor zowel jongens als meisjes [dus als u van elk één heeft dan krijgt u voor de prijs van één het gebruik door twee...].


Het is weliswaar een feit dat de meeste mensen naar de PoppenVilla by Liliane® kijken, de prijs op zich laten inwerken en dan - al dan niet met tegenzin - het zoeken vervolgen. Maar als u zich deze aanschaf voor speelgoed kunt permitteren, dan is die mogelijkheid er."


door Liliane Limpens  



Sterre en Tijl kinderwinkels: "We krijgen zo ongelooflijk veel reakties op de PoppenVilla by Liliane®! Bovendien trekt dit produkt een geheel nieuw publiek aan. De aanwezigheid van een PoppenVilla by Liliane® in een [houten speelgoed-] winkel zorgt voor een up grading van het totaal. Alleen al door dit produkt straalt het verkooppunt  in één keer kwaliteit uit. De PoppenVilla by Liliane® is het mooiste en meest opzienbarende speelgoedprodukt van de laatste jaren."


door Liliane Limpens  



Tatiana, inkoper van het kinderwarenhuis Winny Moskou: "Alle kinderen in Rusland zouden waanzinnig van vreugde zijn bij het zien van de PoppenVilla by Liliane®! De villa is typisch zo'n produkt waar mensen direct verliefd op worden. Ik ben het al."


door Liliane Limpens  



"TOTAL TOLL! De PoppenVilla by Liliane® is een uiterst uniek poppenhuis. Duurzaam, stabiel, mobiel, praktisch. Aan alle 4 zijden kunnen kinderen tegelijkertijd spelen. Het basismateriaal multiplex-hout en het roestvrijstalen dak geven de villa een modern en tijdloos karakter. De inrichting is compleet. Van meubels tot een keukenlijn tot de prachtige spiltrappen. De badkamer- en keuken-units hebben vanzelfsprekend de perfecte wasbakken en kranen. De garderobekast heeft een echte spiegel. De 3 bedden zijn inclusief het bedtextiel."


door Liliane Limpens  



'Hebben en houden: Hppy Dcmbr-envlp ideaal kdo voor pkjesvnd' | Caroline Abcouwer in Het Parool: "Het mannelijke geslacht blijkt nu ook het laatste vrouwenbastion te hebben veroverd: het poppenhuis. Natuurlijk niet zomaar een poppenhuis. Nee, hij gaat voor de PoppenVilla by Liliane®. Een kloeke prestigewoning waar poppen van 30 cm goed uit de voeten kunnen."


door Liliane Limpens  



Kinderwinkel Little Dreamers in Ierland: "Ik ben een groot bewonderaar van de PoppenVilla by Liliane®. Ik zag tijdens een zakenreis de villa in een winkel in Düsseldorf."


door Liliane Limpens  



De design woonwarenhuizen Vinçon in Madrid en Barcelona ontsluiten de Spaanse markt voor de PoppenVilla by Liliane®: "This is not another one!"


door Liliane Limpens  



Het CoolBrands project geeft inzicht in merken die zich als cool percipiëren. De merken worden door consumenten in Nederland verkozen.

'Hours of fun with the DollsVilla by Liliane®'.